Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON)

TCCON is a network of ground-based Fourier Transform Spectrometers recording direct solar spectra in the near infrared spectral region. From these spectra, accurate and precise column-averaged abundances of CO2, CH4, N2O, HF, CO, H2O, and HDO are retrieved and reported here. A technical report describing the retrievals is found here; solar and telluric spectral linelists used in the retrievals are publically available.

Data in netCDF format are publicly available no later than one year after the spectra are recorded; many sites release their data earlier. Citation and data use requirements are included in the license associated with each record. Column averaging kernels and a priori profiles are included in the files. Information on how to use these can be found here. To produce TCCON a priori profiles for locations and times where there are no TCCON measurements, a stand-alone program can be downloaded.

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TCCON Column-Averaged Dry-Air Mole Fractions of CO2, CO, N2O, CH4, H2O, HDO, and HF

Site Start Date End Date
Ascension Island (SH) [ascension01] 2012-05-22 2017-12-31
Anmeyondo (KR) [anmeyondo01] 2015-02-02 2016-11-16
Bialystok (PL) [bialystok01] 2009-03-13 2017-11-28
Bremen (DE) [bremen01] 2007-01-15 2017-11-23
Burgos [burgos01] 2017-03-03 2017-12-01
Caltech (US) [pasadena01] 2012-09-20 2018-07-30
Darwin (AU) [darwin01] 2005-08-28 2017-12-01
Edwards (US) [edwards01] 2013-07-20 2018-08-04
East Trout Lake [easttroutlake01] 2016-10-07 2018-08-04
Four Corners (US) [fourcorners01] 2013-03-16 2013-10-04
Garmisch (DE) [garmisch01] 2007-07-16 2018-08-03
Hefei (PRC) [hefei01] 2015-09-18 2016-12-31
Indianapolis (US) [indianapolis01] 2012-08-23 2012-12-01
Izana (ES) [izana01] 2007-05-18 2018-08-30
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (US) [jpl01] 2007-07-31 2008-06-22
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (US) [jpl02] 2011-05-19 2018-05-14
Saga (JP) [saga01] 2011-07-28 2018-06-04
Karlsruhe (DE) [karlsruhe01] 2010-04-19 2018-08-29
Lauder (NZ) [lauder01] 2004-06-29 2010-12-09
Lauder (NZ) [lauder02] 2010-02-02 2018-05-30
Manaus (BR) [manaus01] 2014-10-01 2015-06-24
Lamont (US) [lamont01] 2008-07-06 2018-08-04
Orléans (FR) [orleans01] 2009-08-29 2017-11-28
Park Falls (US) [parkfalls01] 2004-06-02 2018-08-04
Paris (FR) [paris01] 2014-09-23 2017-11-28
Réunion Island (RE) [reunion01] 2011-09-16 2018-02-28
Rikubetsu (JP) [rikubetsu01] 2013-11-16 2017-11-30
Sodankylä (FI) [sodankyla01] 2009-05-16 2018-08-02
Ny Ålesund [nyalesund01] 2006-03-28 2017-09-17
Tsukuba (JP) [tsukuba02] 2011-08-04 2017-12-01
Wollongong (AU) [wollongong01] 2008-06-26 2017-09-13
Zugspitze (DE) [zugspitze01] 2015-04-24 2018-08-03

The TCCON is closely affiliated with the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change Infrared Working Group (NDACC-IRWG), that produces vertical profiles of the concentrations of many of the same gases and several others. For more information see the NDACC website.